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Cabinet Refacing Saves Money & Sustains the Environment

Sep 5,2018 | by Melissa

In today's world,being eco-friendly doesn't mean we have to sacrifice quality or performance.That's where cabinet refacing comes in!The truth is that there aren't many (if any) kitchen remodeling solutions that are eco-friendlyand alsobudget-friendly.Here'swhat makes cabinet refacing economical—in more ways than one.

Cabinet Refacing is Eco-Friendly

What's So Economical 188bet线上赌博About Refacing??

If you're seeking eco-friendly options for your kitchen remodeling project,,cabinet refacing makes an excellent choice.With refacing,your cabinet doors and drawers are replaced while your cabinet boxes stay in place with a fresh new finish.

When we reface cabinets,our expert craftsmen use precise measurements to create a reinforcing layer of ¼ inch plywood for the exterior of your cabinet frames.Wood veneer orlaminate is then perfectly color-matchedto the new drawers and doors and applied to the plywood.You can choose from a wide range of materials in a variety of stylish colors and finishes to create a truly customized look for your kitchen.

The refacing processis completed with the installation of the new hinges,door knobs,drawer pulls,and molding that you've chosen for your project.Cabinet refacing makes it easier than ever to give your home the look it deserves - at a surprisingly affordable price!!

White Refaced Cabinet Kitchen Remodel

Download our free refacing guide and see our top 6 refaced kitchens.Learn why  refacing may be the perfect solution for you.

Cabinet refacing is friendly to budgets and trees

By choosing cabinet refacing,you can give your space an entirely new,updated look and feel for a fraction of the cost.Not only do you save money by recycling your cabinet boxes,,you've helped to spare the numerous treesit would have taken to build the new cabinet boxes.

On top of that,you've also helped save the environment by not adding to the already over-crowded landfills with excessive waste from the material waste.Cabinet refacing alsohelps to reduce the number of harmful emissionsthat would have been added to the atmosphere from burning fuel for the transportation of lumber to build new cabinet boxes and other materials.

Gray Cabinet Kitchen Refacing

Cabinet refacing allows you to skip the headache and hassle of a full kitchen remodeling project without sacrificing quality.It can take days,or even weeks,to design,remove the existing materials,andinstall brand new cabinets.Cabinet refacing takes less time to complete and is a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.This means less time away from work and fewer hassles for you to deal with.And,you can continue to use your kitchen during the process so there is less disruption to your home and daily routines.

For a better understanding of cabinet refacing,watch this quick video that covers our innovative refacing process:

If cabinet refacing sounds perfect for your remodeling project,contact us because that is our specialty!But,we also offer all-new custom cabinetry,so if for any reason cabinet refacing isn't right for you—we can still deliver the kitchen of your dreams.Schedule a free in-home consultationto get the ball rolling with your kitchen project.

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