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Choosing the Perfect Range Hood: Everything You Need to Know

Range hoods are fairly substantial in size—so many homeowners are more concerned 188bet线上赌博about form than function.This is a mistake.

Color Combinations Kitchen Design

Will a Dark Color Scheme Work For Your Kitchen??

Are you in love with dark cabinets or sleek,black granite countertops?You may love the modern and stark look of a dark kitchen but feel...

Decorative Accents Kitchen Design

Mixing Metals in Your Kitchen Isn't Just OK—It's Awesome!!

If you've decided to remodel your kitchen but aren't sure exactly where to start - you aren't alone!No matter what your style or taste,mixing...

Household Hints

7 Edible Plants to Easily Grow In Your Kitchen

You don't have to let the winter months turn you into a couch potato.Instead,why not plant potatoes and other healthy vegetables right in your...

Organization and Storage

Get Organized With The 3 Kitchen Storage Zones

Kitchen organization is something many of us have in common,in that we need it—badly.Even when you've done a good job of getting organized,it...

Islands and Peninsulas Kitchen Design

How Much Space is Needed to Install a Kitchen Island??

A kitchen island adds versatility and beauty to a kitchen.A highly practical addition,a well-made kitchen island can add needed workspace,...

Cabinets Granite

Can I Switch Out the Cabinets Underneath My Granite Countertop??

Here's a common dilemma for our 188bet娱乐Kitchen Magic clientele: They are happy with their cabinets,the paint color in their kitchen looks great—but it's...

Kitchen Design

Pet-Friendly Kitchen Ideas You May Never Thought of Trying

We all love our furry friends and they unconditionally love us back.So,why not make our kitchen space more pet-friendly for them?Many of us...